Are you an attorney wondering if SEO services are worth the investment? How much should you be spending and how do you know if your SEO Agency is doing anything?

You’re in the right place!

In this article, you'll learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it is essential for modern legal practices. 

Attorney Seo Services Austin Tx

What Is Seo and Why Attorneys Should Care

Benefits Of Seo For Attorneys

Types Of Attorney Seo Services In Austin, Tx

How To Optimize Your Law Firm's Website

Cost And Return On Investment Of Attorney Seo Services


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What Is SEO and Why an Attorney Should Care

At its core, it's about optimizing websites so they rank higher on search engines when users search for related keywords. 

For attorneys, optimizing your website to reach people who are actively searching for your service offerings.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like a golden key that can unlock the potential of any law firm’s online presence. 

We'll discuss many of the keys that will unlock your site's power to be found:

…and more to show Google your website is authoritative and trustworthy enough to be placed at the top of SERPs. 

By utilizing these techniques consistently over time you can increase organic traffic to your site - making sure people know about your practice before reaching out to other lawyers or firms.

The bottom line: Strategic SEO will create visibility for law firms through search engine rankings by increasing page relevance and authority with strategic technical optimization methods as well as quality content creation.

It's not enough just to have a website anymore; if you want to stay competitive within the industry, it's essential that you invest in SEO experts now more than ever before.

Benefits Of SEO For Attorneys

Now that you know what SEO is, it's time to understand the benefits!

For attorneys who are looking for a way to increase their online visibility and reach more potential clients, utilizing search engine optimization techniques can be incredibly advantageous. 

Not only does SEO help law firms gain organic website traffic benefits, but they also experience legal marketing advantages as well.

Gain Organic Website Traffic & New Leads

When an attorney invests in SEO strategies such as keyword research and content optimization, they become visible on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

This means that when someone searches for legal advice related to your practice area or geographical region, your firm will appear near the top of the results list. 

This increases both traffic to your website and inquiries from prospective clients - two major benefits of SEO for attorneys.

Legal Marketing Advantages for Lawyers

In addition to improved search engine visibility and organic leads from web users searching for relevant terms in relation to your practice areas, investing in attorney SEO services can give your business additional exposure through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

By creating optimized content targeted at a specific audience with strategic keywords helping direct them towards your site, you'll have greater control over referring visitors back to your website pages where they may take actionable steps such as contacting or subscribing to your newsletter. 

With increased online visibility comes higher chances of success when it comes to gaining new clientele and increasing overall profits.

The power lies not just within your ability to bring more people into contact with you but also how those people interact with you once there - this increases the likelihood of successful conversions resulting from their visit! 

Access powerful tools which enable you to track website metrics such as:

I highly recommend conducting further research on the types of SEO reports.

Such data provides valuable insight into customer behavior which can then inform future strategy decisions allowing businesses to continue optimizing their approach until desired outcomes are achieved.

Investing in your website gives lawyers access to invaluable opportunities which otherwise wouldn't exist if not used correctly.

Just to name a couple:

plus much more! 

Types of SEO Services for Lawyers

It's like a game of chess: SEO for legal firms requires careful positioning and strategy to make sure that your law firm is seen. 

From optimizing website content to monitoring search engine results, there are several types of lawyer SEO strategies available for attorneys in the city. 

Here are three core components of any successful attorney SEO plan:

Having an effective SEO campaign requires knowledge about current trends and understanding what works best for law firms in the area. 

This can include researching keyword phrases used by potential clients when looking for lawyers or creating high-quality content related to legal topics. 

It also means continuously evaluating search engine rankings and making data-inform adjustments as needed. 

Additionally, utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be beneficial since they provide additional avenues for promotion and visibility.

Rather than relying solely on traditional marketing tactics, investing time into these services will pay off with increased recognition amongst potential clients who may not have known about your law firm before. 

With the right approach, you can maximize your presence online while ensuring that all activity remains compliant with ethical standards set forth by the Texas Bar Association. 

By taking advantage of today's technology, you'll be able to reach more people searching for legal advice – without compromising your professional reputation along the way.

How To Optimize Your Austin Law Firm Website

Optimizing your Austin law firm's website is essential to ensure you're seen by potential clients. 

It’s a way of setting yourself apart from your competition and maximizing the return on investment for optimization campaigns. 

Here are a few places to start...

Let's dive into these strategies that can help optimize your law firm's website for search engine optimization (SEO).

Identify Keywords from People Searching for Legal Services

First, identify key words or phrases specific to your firm, then incorporate them throughout your website content. 

For example, if your firm specializes in personal injury, family law, business, or elder law - then you would want to find all of the relevant words that people use when searching online for your speciality.

This will increase the chance of high rankings in Google searches when users are looking for legal advice related to those keywords.

Keyword research can be done with tools like

Meta Tags, Title and Descriptions That Include Your Law Firm’s SEO Key Terms

This part of search engine optimization is called On Page Optimization.

Make sure each page includes meta tags, titles, and descriptions that accurately reflect what content is present. 

These meta elements should also include relevant keywords so they appear as part of the summary in organic search results.

Here are a few great tools for you to audit your pages:

Structure your Page Headings, Subheadings and Interlinking Texts with Your Website Goals in Mind

The structure of your website plays an important role too. 

Make sure all pages have clear pathways between them so visitors have easy access to navigate through your site quickly. 

Also be sure there are no broken links which could lead people away from your domain altogether instead of engaging with content on it. 

By optimizing both the internal and external linking within a webpage this ensures maximum visibility and accessibility across search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more.

Boost your Traffic with Other Digital Marketing Tactics

These tips should give you an idea of how best to approach optimizing your law firm's website for SEO purposes but don't forget about other digital marketing techniques such as pay-per-click advertising or social media campaigns either! 

All these channels play an integral part in gaining more reach online and helping build brand awareness among potential customers who may need legal assistance one day. 

With the right mix of tactics and implementation strategy, you'll be able to grow your business faster than ever before

Now let's look at the cost and return on investment…

Return On Investment (ROI) Of SEO Companies

So, how much should you spend to optimize your law firm for search engines?

In this section we'll take a look at how much you should invest in Austin TX SEO services, as well as what kind of ROI you can expect when optimizing your legal website.

The size and scope of your law firm will affect the overall costs involved.

Truth be told, it could take months before your law firm may experience any tangible impact on your business. This marketing tactic is very powerful when done correctly. "Correctly" means that you are the tortoise, not the hare. Slow and steady wins this race.

Understanding the Return on Investment for Your Business

Knowing how to calculate ROI can help you make more informed decisions about where to invest your media marketing dollars.

The formula for calculating ROI is simple: (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment. The table below illustrates this formula using an example.

Cost of InvestmentGain from InvestmentROI

To calculate the ROI in this example, we take the gain from the investment ($7,500) and subtract the cost of the investment ($5,000). This leaves us with a gain of $2,500. We then divide this gain by the cost of the investment ($5,000), and get a result of 0.5. This is the ROI of the investment, which tells us that we have earned a 50% return on our investment.

But what about the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the customer?

This is where things get interesting.

By understanding the LTV of a customer, we can determine the long-term value of the customer and use this information to assess the ROI of our investments.

Let's say you want to move as quickly as you can to gain visibility in the search engines and so you've hired an SEO for $5,000 each month. Realistically it will take a website in the legal industry many months before you begin to see the metrics begin to rise.

After 6 long and scary months of investment, you can finally attribute 1 client to the SEO work. If the strategy has been built correctly - with conversion rate optimization in mind - then more prospects will come in each month until you hit a plateau:

MONTHSEO CostsNew Client From SEOTotal Projected LTV
January- $5,00000
February- $5,00000
March- $5,00000
April- $5,00000
May- $5,00000
June- $5,0001$5,000
July- $5,0003$15,000
August- $5,0005$25,000
September- $5,0008$40,000
October- $5,00010$50,000
November- $5,00010$50,000
December- $5,00010$50,000
TOTAL- $60,00047$235,000

So what does all of this mean for your law firm?

SEO for your industry will take a long time before you begin to see impactful results.

However, once you begin to see relatively stable growth in visibility you can focus on optimizing the pages for conversion. This is when exponential growth and ROI is experienced. You must consider the marketing investment in relation to the revenue it can bring over a long period of time, otherwise you will quit the process too soon and actualize your sunk costs as losses.

What should a Law Firm expect to pay for SEO experts?

The first thing to consider is the time it takes to gain proficiency in SEO skills and whether or not you have that kind of time. Many attorneys would rather focus on their business and so they need to decide whether to hire a freelance expert, a full or part time market expert, or a digital marketing agency.

The decision on how to obtain SEO experts is totally up to you! There's truly no right or wrong answer. There are pros and cons.

Freelance Search Engine Optimization Provider

You pay between $500 - $5000/mo

Your Tech Stack Costs: $0 - $2,000/mo

Least expensive range of services

Flexible month-moth relationship

Typically covers the monthly costs of a basic Tech Stack

1099 contractors cause no employee liabilities or costs

May have a focussed industry niche for content marketing
Can leave at anytime without a transfer of knowledge

Tech stack often does not include high level SEO tools for deep insights and you may be required to pay additional for those tools

With the uncertainty of SEO contract stability, the tactics are typically focussed on short term strategies because they don't expect the contract to be long term

Some Freelance SEOs will not incur the costs of all tech tools. However for this example, we will assume that they will.

Relies heavily on your team or other vendors for assets that affect the SEO such as image procurement, graphic design, and web page development.

Full Time Marketing Professional

You pay between +/- $8,000/mo

Your Tech Stack Costs: $500 - $2,000/mo

Deepest knowledge of the legal firm's SEO business strategies & objectives

Keeps internal knowledge documented in case of staff or agency turnover

Marketing generalists can help lead the strategy and manage vendors, if not do much of the work themselves

The firm assumes all employee expenses & liabilities

The takes on costs of the tech stack for fear of agency turnover

Must keep track of industry digital marketing trends, competitors, and best practices across all marketing categories - making it difficult to be a top performer in any one of them

Often marketing generalist do not have the technical knowledge to implement the SEO strategies and tactics

Digital Marketing Agency

You pay $1,500 - $25,000/mo

Wide range of pricing options

Industry experts that specialize in specific areas of expertise and will lead the client down the path they feel is best for them

Keeps an eye on industry trends, competitors, and marketing trends based on other client results

Tests the Search Engine algorithms with test sites before implementing tactics on client sites

Covers the cost of the entire tech stack and includes the deep level insights with no additional cost to the client

Keep detailed standard operating procedures and staffing model to meet fluctuating demands without losing account knowledge or causing the client new hire onboarding costs

Most expensive per hour

While you often have one point of contact, staff turnover might mean the legal firm must work with several specialists over a short period of time

Agency structure and standard operating procedures cause challenges when major shifts to the strategy are needed - it's a big ship and can't always turn on a dime without incurring additional costs

Your desired outcome should meet your budget restrictions

No matter which of the three ways you choose to hire someone to optimize your website, your expectations (or scope) should match your budget.

Talk with your digital marketer before signing the agreement to make sure you understand what they are promising and what they are NOT promising.

SEO Services for legal firms is an important part of a balanced marketing plan

We've established that SEO for attorneys is an important part of marketing your law firm. It can be a daunting task to optimize your website, but with the right provider and support, it's worth the effort.

Despite all this, one thing’s for sure – if you don’t take advantage of attorney SEO services in Austin, TX, you're definitely missing out on potential clientele!

You want to make sure you have visibility online so people know about your practice and what services you offer. After all, there are plenty of lawyers competing for the same clients.

Law firm SEO isn't just about rankings for the sake of generating leads; it's also about providing value and helping more people find solutions to their legal woes. This helps ensure that the leads you generate are high quality buyers who convert as fast as possible.

The cost and return on investment should always factor into any decision when considering boosting the presence of your firm.

So my advice?

Invest in a quality SEO service provider who can help put you ahead of the competition - I promise it'll be worth it!

Need help with your SEO Strategy?

Here at The Joshua Studio, we provide top-notch digital marketing solutions designed specifically with law firms in mind. We understand that attorneys have unique needs when it comes to their online presence and strive to deliver cutting edge solutions that will help them achieve success. Check out out SEO Services page for more information. 

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