There was a great Oak that stood near a brook in which grew some slender Reeds. When the wind blew the Oak stood proudly upright with its hundred arms uplifted towards the sky. But the Reeds bowed low in the wind and sang a mournful song.

“You have reason to complain,” said the Oak, “The slightest breeze that ruffles the surface of the water makes you bow your heads. While I, the mighty Oak, stand firm before the howling tempest.”

“Don’t worry about us.” replied the Reeds, “The winds do not harm us. We bow low and so we don’t break. But you with all your strength and pride, have withstood the blows so far. But your time is coming to an end.”

As the Reeds spoke, a giant hurricane blew in from the north. The mighty oak stood upright and fought the storm, while the yielding reeds bowed low. The winds redoubled in a fury and all at once the great tree fell, ripped up from its roots, it lay among the pitying reeds.

In Aesop’s fable, The Oak and the Reeds, we find the Oak is relying solely on past achievements as the only path to future success. The Oak isn’t willing to accept a different opinion and so his end is a tragic one.

I encourage you to lead by listening. It doesn’t matter who the idea comes from. As long as the best idea reaches the top, everybody wins!

If you’re unable to hear and accept diverging ideas you will fall. Don't be like the mighty Oak.

Good luck out there!

Pull Quote Graphic - "If you're unable to hear and accept diverging ideas you will fall."
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