Digital Knack SEO Case Study

The Business Challenge

The website was well designed but wasn't attracting any new leads. In addition, the site wasn't ranking for any relevant industry keywords. This business had a limited budget and was willing to develop a long term plan if it meant stable growth. We needed a budget friendly solution that could start attracting more leads over time.

The Approach

We started with a compound SEO strategy. This is a simple content publication strategy that involves identifying industry topics and creating multiple series of content for each topic. Then we strategically link the content together. This approach takes several months of content creation before the search engine's trust the domain enough to serve it's web pages in the top results. If your patient enough for this strategy it will pay off in the long term.

The Results

We've only been working on this site for two months at this point and the early results are promising. We've seen a 330% increase in site impressions.
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